strives to supply quality parts to DIYers and servicers. Purchase our Parts with confidence for fast repairs.

There is nothing worst than purchasing a defective electronic replacement part, costing you extra time and money to complete your TV repair. We are a sixty-five years old TV Repair business. We know the importance of purchasing quality electronic parts with confidence. We utilize a proven concept in TV repair to maintain an inventory free of defective and contaminated electronic parts.

We do not accept returns on electronic parts. 

TV breakdowns happen from power surges or failures from normal usage. Sometimes there are multiple defective parts in a broken TV. Replacing all of them at the same time is critical. There is a probability that the replaced part can sustain damage resulting from not replacing all defective parts together. Sorry, but that is on you! Or the DIYer or servicer that purchased the incorrect replacement part and it doesn’t fix their TV. Sorry, but that is on you as well! What is on us is to be the supplier of defect-free electronics parts for customers. Accepting returned electronics parts back into our inventory exposes customers to the risk of receiving contaminated/defective parts. And we won’t let that happen.

Potential customers can have confidence in our parts. 

We cater to customers that believe in us. Good quality parts – parts purchased with confidence the first time. Fast shipping and quality parts are beneficial when time is money. And we hear you!