strives to supply parts that the DIYer as well as experienced servicers can have confidence in to make repairs quickly.

From a troubleshooting stand point, there is nothing worst then purchasing a defective electronic replacement part. This situation could lead you to spend additional time and money only to replace the initial part suspected of being defective from a different source to make the repair. We are a 62 year old TV Repair business that knows how important it is to purchase quality electronic parts with confidence over and over from a reliable source. This is how began. We are utilizing an old concept in a modern era of TV repair to maintain an inventory free of defective and contaminated electronic parts.

“We don’t accept returns on electronic parts” under any circumstances! 

Here’s why – when a replacement part is sort out, there exist a television that has a defective part and someone is attempting to repair it. Whether the defect comes from power surges through your cable system, ac power source, Ethernet connection or from normal usage, there exist the possibility to have multiple defective electronic parts inside that unit. Now, this is the part most DIYer or some servicers don’t want to own up to when it comes to return parts. If there is more than one defective electronic part in a unit and both parts are not replaced at the same time there exist a high probability that the newly replaced electronic part will sustain immediate damage as a result of not replacing both defective electronic parts. Sorry, but that is on you! Or the DIYer that want to save a buck and purchase the wrong electronic part for their repair and it doesn’t fix their TV. Sorry, but that is on you as well! What is on us, is to be the supplier of a defect free electronic part purchase for the next customer. Accepting any returned electronic parts back into inventory exposes our future customers to the risk of receiving contaminated/defective electronic parts. And we won’t let that happen.

You as a potential customer can have confidence in our parts. 

Our goal is to cater to customers that believe in us and want good quality parts – parts they can have confidence in when that first purchase is made. The fast shipping and quality parts that we provide, is beneficial when time is money to our customers. And we hear you!